Ethnic and Fabrics

All sashes are available in retail to individuals and small groups, or in bulk orders to schools, universities and large organizations.

Ethnic Stoles

Ethnic sashes are 5" to 42" from neck to tip, and made with quality fabrics. You can choose the colors of the thread. And they can be personalized with your name, logo or custom message.


The kente sash is a printed kente design in black color, and comes with a black fringe.


Made of traditional Mexican material. Serape color may vary. The sample image is for viewing purpose only. It comes with fringes.

Native American

Made using a traditional Native American fabric. It comes with real feather fringes

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Hybrid Sashes

Hybrid designs are ideal to keep school color with the right amount of ethnic flair. It's also a good way to show your sense of style and make a statement. Customize the sash, trim and tip color or fabric and add your embroidered text.

The variety of hybrid fabrics to choose from are: Camouflage, Rainbow, Asian (red, blue and gold), Asian Pacific (black, blue and red), Celestial (blue and red), Native American, Leopard, Zebra, Kente and Serape.

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